SUMMARY: Mentor Graphics on Sparc-5

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Date: Tue Aug 16 1994 - 16:11:14 CDT

The problem with Mentor Graphics on Sparc-5 was a known one, and has
been solved with patches both to the operating system and the Mentor
Software. Here is the definitive answer, supplied by

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The below email went out to the Worldwide Sales Organization of Mentor
Graphics today. Mentor Graphics NOW fully supports all of the Sun
architectures with SunOS 4.1.X. The update to the MGC special runtime
loader for SunOS 4.1.X is complete, which now enables full support for
the SPARCstation 5.

                       PLATFORM INFORMATION


Recall that the purpose of this engineering and qualification effort was
to leverage the customer demand and make available MGC applications on
Sun SPARCstation 5 platforms which are running the SunOS 4.1.* operating

The update to the MGC-special runtime loader for SunOS 4.1.* enables
support of more-recent SPARC architectures having on-chip caches - n.b.
the microSPARC used in the SPARCstation 5. Binary compatibility tests
on the SPARCstation 5 have been run with 100% success on the "patched"
version of the

CUSTOMER RETRIEVAL OF THE PATCH: The patched runtime loader is MGC
patch number 89. A directory, (SupportNet path is:
pub/patches/sun.sparc.sunos/) to hold the patch has been created and it
can be obtained: - via anonymous FTP to the machine ( The MGC file names are: and mgc_ld.so_p89. Customer Support will also make
available upon request a PC-/MS-DOS - formatted floppy (which is Sun
compatible) by contacting 1-800-547-4303 in the US and Canada. It is
IMPORTANT to note the dependency of a Sun patch. The MGC patch must be
used in conjunction with a Sun patch - 101508-06 which corrects several
kernel problems specific to the microSPARC machines.

The MGC patch has been fully tested ONLY on Sun-REFERENCE platforms. It
is likely that the patch will enable operation of MGC software on other
machines containing the same microSPARC chip - for example, the Tadpole
SPARCbook 3 - but such use is not guaranteed, or supported due to lack
of complete testing. In addition, this patch may allow operation of MGC
software on machines having Ross hyperSPARC processors and running SunOS
4.1.*, but this configuration is - at this time - NEITHER supported NOR

While the patch has undergone binary compatibility testing at MGC on
both microSPARC and other Sun SPARC REFERENCE platforms, it is
recommended to be applied only to microSPARC machines - n.b.
SPARCstation 5's - running SunOS 4.1.3_U1 (or newer, plus the above
mentioned Sun patch - 101508-06).

-- Dave McKinney, x-7814, Product Marketing Mgr., Platform Marketing

Dave McKinney, Mentor Graphics Corporation,
8005 S.W. Boeckman Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070-7777
503.685.7814 (work, direct line)
503.685.7704 (fax) (email)

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