SUMMARY: Serial Port B on 486 running Sol 2.1

Date: Sun Aug 14 1994 - 16:51:57 CDT

Many thanks to anyone who answered.

The Solution: Uncomment lines related to COM2 in /kernel/drv/asy.conf

By default only COM1 port is enabled.

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> Hi I have a 486 PC running Solaris 2.1.
> I would like to connect a modem on one of the Serial Ports.
> Under /dev/term and /dev/cua there is only an `a` (no `b`)
> My Question: How do you set up /dev/term/b and /dev/cua/b
> I don't think I can use /dev/cua/a or /dev/term/a as the mouse is using
> that serial device ??
> Thanks for any help....

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