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Date: Sat Aug 13 1994 - 20:38:55 CDT

First was my questions:

> I've been busy making a complete mess for myself! We finally got
> more disks & I had to upgrade the OS (still within the 4.1.3
> universe) Of course I went with the SunSupport answer
> which was that 4.1.3C was the latest ver & not 1.1.1B!
> Now that I've made a complete mess I received the latest FAQ
> & now realize that the reason the system is unstable is that
> I've installed 4.1.3C on a 670 MP & it shouldn't be
> on that system!!
> HELP - can I install 1.1.1B on a SparcClassic???
> also - any hints to a safe & sane upgrade now that I have to
> upgrade my 670 MP server AGAIN! At least I don't have
> to format & re-partition the Disks.
> Second. I have some users that don't quite understand
> this IP numbering thang. One user just makes up IP
> numbers in his MacX software until he finds one that works,
> AND it usually belongs to another machine. How
> do others prevent this from happening???

First I got 12 responses:
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Finton Keeling gave me the most detailed info on Sun OS numbering
scheme. And Yes, Solaris 1.1.1B installs nicely on the SparcClassic.
I've upgraded both the SparcClassic & 670 MP to 1.1.1B.

NO one told me RTFM on upgrading & transitioning & well - they
*should* have. I pulled out the manual on installation &
there was a whole section on Upgrading. I followed the
instructions & the upgrade was quite painless.

The IP part of the question was not really answered ...
First off a little clarification. I *am* the Sys Admin.
I do the assigning of IP numbers. And it is my boss who had
the great idea to just try different IP numbers on his
new Macs until he found one that worked. Then he hard coded
it into the .cshrc as the DISPLAY. It caused a lot of problems
but I think they are temp. resolved. The problems
stem from how easy it is to add a machine to a Mac Ethernet with
these new devices called Etherwave. They don't need me to hook
them up & most of my mac users feel that any mac software/hardware
installation can be handled by any dummy. They want to do
it themselves. SO there's not a lot I can do, especially
since it's my boss that caused all the problems...

Now I just have to wait & see what patches I'll need to
install until the systems settle down.....

thanks again...
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