SUMMARY: RFS under SOlaris 2.3

From: Andrej Misik (
Date: Sat Aug 13 1994 - 16:29:12 CDT

        Hello managers!

        First of all, let me explain why I want to use RFS (which stands
        for 'Remote File Sharing', not 'Remote File System' (according
        to Solaris 2.2 'Setting up RFS' manual)):
        I have old SVR3.2.1 (on AT&T 3b2 700 computer) and I've got only RFS
        for it. Users want to use the same home directiories both on suns
        and 3b2. I've heard rumours about NFS implementation for 3b2, which
        costs >$1000, but it's not worth it.

        Summary is very simple: since SUN claims Solaris 2.x is 'open system',
        they removed RFS from 2.3 to make it more open :-( It's because
        AT&T removed it from the SVID. Solaris 2.2 was the last release
        that supported RFS. Although there is PD implementation
        of RFS, it's for BSD. (You can find it on
        in directory /pub/network/rfs). My solution is NOT to share
        files & directories between my sun and 3b2.

        Thanks to:

John DiMarco <> (Wei Wei Shao) (Ningping Fan)
epl@Kodak.COM (Gene Loriot (epl@Kodak.COM.))
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer) (Carl StolfI)
Roland Kaltefleiter <>
Harald van Breederode <> (Daniel R. Bidwell)

        PS: my opinion: I like Solaris VERY VERY much, but this
        really SUCKS! I would accept buggy RFS with no techical support,
        but it would be RFS!


greetings, miso.


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