SUMMARY : Hookup dev to Sparc 20 with Solaris 2.3

From: Curtis B. Overall (
Date: Sat Aug 13 1994 - 01:41:59 CDT

Sun Managers :
Well I hit quite a topic in the following questions :

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I need to hookup an exabyte 8mm to a sparc20 running solaris 2.3
I have a cdrom (sr0 toggled to dev 6)
         1/4"" (rst4 toggled to dev 4)
    external hd(c0t5d0s7 toggled to dev 5)
also internal c0t1d0s7 and c0t3d0s0.

My question is if i toggle this to dev 7 and reboot with -r what will
the rst number be???? This always gets me.

Thanks in advance

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The thirty responses or so I received all had one comman theme
It is reseerved for the cpu. Many suggested I change my disk that is a id to 2
or 0 and have the tapes at 4 and 5. That would be more standard. We went ahead
and put the tape drive at id 2 and rebooted -r. It came up fine and the
device is /dev/rmt/1lb or /dev/rst2 (for we SUNOS 4.1.x junkies).
Thanks to all that responed.

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