SUMMARY: Sharing monitor/keyboard between systems

From: Mark Sims (
Date: Thu Aug 11 1994 - 08:07:45 CDT

Sun Managers,

Thank you all who responded. There turns out to be three companies that
provide the switching product I was inquiring about:

1. NuData: (908) 842-5757
2. Lightwave Communications: 203-878-9838
3. Network Technologies Inc.: (216) 562-7070

Thanks to those that responded: (Steve Ozoa)
criterion1! (Kurt Radtke) (Rob Aronson) (Jim Annis)
Daniel Pommert <>
Gary Merinstein <> (Perry Hutchison) (Ruud van Poelgeest)
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <> (David J. Brewer)
pstat1! (Walt Klingenberg)

My original posting:

Sun Managers,

I am attempting to share 1 monitor and keyboard between 10 Sun workstations.
I have heard of a special switch that will allow you to do this.
Can anyone tell me which company makes such a device?

Mark Sims

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