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My original post:

>A colleague is trying to set up PC-NFS at a remote site but strikes a problem
>when he tries to connect to the NFS server. He gets:
>Nework error 1007:
>RPC: Authentication error
>Something about this is strangly familiar (although we're new to PC-NFS),
>anyone seen/solved this before?
>We're using MSDOS 6.2, Windows FWG 3.11, PC-NFS version 5.1

Thanks to all those who responded ,the problem was that I was not allowing
non root mounts. This is a "feature" of the pcnfsd server, which I didn't
mention was a DEC ALPHA running OSF/1 ! was on the money here. Sorry I didn't mention much about
the server, PC-NFS is a SUN product, and so I didn't want to confuse the issue
by talking about DEC Alpha.


        A Pcnfsd daemon must be running on your server. In PC/TCP the source
codes is in DISK 3 in directory pcnfsd but I have no idea where it is in
 PC-NFS version 5.1. It should be started in /etc/rc.local(SunOS 4.1.x).

        If you have PCTCP, you can build the pcnfsd from source codes in
DISK 3. If not email me for a copy (The copy of software can be used to set up
Authentication for PC-NFS version 5.1 as well)



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Check the C:\NFS\NETWORK.BAT file to make sure the following
line exists:

        NET LOGIN *

so that the user is promted for a login and pw. That's the
simplest case. The other possibility is that the authentication
server is not running properly on the host. The Admin guide
for PCNFS discusses the setup.

                        -=- D> J.

Is it possible to connect this server from other machines ? It seems they
don't speak the same language. Look with "rpcinfo" if everything you
need on the server is really there.

Does he always get this message ? Even with a ping, ftp or telnet ?


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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi David !! Funny.. but right now we solved this problem in our sight, but we are using WOLLOGONGE pathway access package. So best try to change the setup parameters for following: 1. PACKET BUFFER SIZE must be greater than 1526 bytes 2. NUMBER OF PACKET BUFFERS must be 6. 3. TCP MAX RETRANSMIT TIMEOUT: 500 ticks ( 1/18 sec). 4. TCP MIN RETRANSMIT TIMEOUT: 5 ticks.

Please NOTE: We are using NDIS driver with 3COM 509 ethernet card.

Hope it'll help.

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I don't know your OS (SunOS 4.x or Solaris 2.x) but in our environment (Solaris 2.3 with NIS+) we have to register the names of PC in a table (probably in 4.x, you should update the /etc/host ...) May be, it should resolve your problem... Good luck. Bye.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave,

This can be caused by several things they are as follows:

1. rpc.pcnfsd is not running on the server. 2. the uid of useres is less than 101. 3. can not even see the network or server.

If you need more detail on any of these let me know.


Larry Blom


Is your NFS server running rpc.pcnfsd? If so, does your {NIS | NIS+ | etc/services} map have the appropriate entry for the pcnfs authentication service? Also, unless it's been fixed in PC-NFS 5.1, there is little or no support for WFW and that might be causing the problem.

Hope this helps, PC's are so tricky to get setup... and some folks think UNIX is hard!

Mike Gruen


1) If you are running NIS+ check that it is in YP compatibility mode (-Y option). PC-NFS requires this.

2) Printing from PC-NFS via a printer attached to a sun requires /usr/spool to be exported on the printer server.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, Sounds like the pcnfsd is not running on the NFS server. You usually need to copy this from the pcnfs directory on the pc to the sun and add an entry in the rc.local file to start it up automatically at boot time.

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Perhaps the remote site is running secure NFS. If so, PC-NFS might not communicate with the remote site.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try

net name <login-name> * Enter the password here

Then try

net use g: your_nfsserver_name:/your_mount_pathname

Are you logged in as nobody?

Any way try the above and report what kind of errors you get. Supply as much details as you can.


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