SUMMARY: printing from mailtool

From: Robert Boulis (
Date: Fri Aug 12 1994 - 01:08:16 CDT

Thanks to all that have responded
so far, and to those that will.


>From Doug Tassan:

Open Mailtool and click on Edit then select Properties.
Under Properties category select Message Window.

On the Print Script line you can use something like this:

        mp | lpr -Pcti1

Hope this helps,


>From Aristotle Vinuya:

Mailtool prints to the default printer (i.e., lp).

>From Mark Halverson:

select:edit:properties:message window

modify the Print Script: (mine is lpr -P pilot.splw ...a printer name
known by my system)


>From Jerry Stackowski:

   Do an edit--->Properties--->Message window to set it where you'd like.
    Take Care---
    Jerry Stachowski

>From Donn MacCara:

I use Solaris 2.3, but I think it's the same. Can you go to the Edit menu, and bring up properties...
Then in properties, from the "Category" pull-down menu, select "Message Window"
On that form, there is a Print Script line that you can modify.

Another way is to drag the message over to a printtool that has been set to print to the desired printer. The printtool formats the mail nicely, separating the From/To stuff from the message using different fonts.

Hope this is useful,
Donn MacCara
Bank of Canada

>From Bismark Espinoza:

Your default printer within mailtool is defined
by default. To change it in mailtool, go into
Properties...., change the Print Script line
to "lpr -Pwanted_printer" .

>From Ken Hathaway:

No problem. In you .mailrc in you home directory change the entry
between the single quotes to whatever you use to print from the
command line. This is what I use.

set printmail='mp -l $file | lpr -Plocal_ps'

It's for a postscript printer.

You could use this.

set printmail='lpr -Pmyprinter' 303 299-5984 "My will is strong
  AT&T Communications but my won't is weak."
  2535 E 40th Ave Rm C2054 -Cole Porter
  Denver, CO 80205-3601

>From Kurt Radke:

Check this: Edit:Properties:Message Window:Print Script

append to the line shown a -Pprintername after the lp or lpr.

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