SUMMARY: Sparc Classic hangs with NewsPrinter20

From: Robert Iaboni (
Date: Thu Aug 11 1994 - 01:47:32 CDT

My original question was:

I installed a NewsPrinter20 sbus card (spd0) on a Sparc Classic running sunos 4.1.3C. I used NewPrint 2.1 to install the drivers for the card and printer. Every time I send a job to that printer, the whole
system hangs solid, I can't even do L1-A, I must a cold boot. If the
printer is off and I send a job, then the system will not hang, but a few seconds after I turn the printer on, the system will hang.

You have 2 possible solutions:

1.) Rebuild your kernel with the audioamd option commented out. This will fix
your problem, but you will not be able to use your audio driver.

2.) Install patch 101288.

thanks to all that replied, and special thanks to David Haut, Systems Engineer, PDC Services Inc. who
responded with the 2 solutions mentioned above.

Robert Iaboni
Unix Systems Manager
Bank of Montreal
Toronto, Ontario

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