Summary: Printing from Solaris2.3

From: rradhakrishnan (
Date: Thu Aug 11 1994 - 01:36:08 CDT

Hello all:

I would like to thank everyone who replied to me.

Original question: Not able to print from a Sparc5 running solaris2.3 to a HP
laserjet4m printer via a serial port. The print job gets to the printer, but
for each job I have to hit the form feed key to print .

Most of the answers wanted me to add code which will add end of job and
beginning of job for each file sent. I did not do that finally.

One response was to change the printer settings on the printer. To go to the
JOB menu and change Personality from AUTO to PS. This worked well. I also had
to add the Kernel JUMBO patch for Solaris2.3.

Later for our site, I decided to use Novell Netware's NFS to send our print
jobs to the various existing queues for Printing from PCs to various printers.

In this method, on all SUNs we had to go to printmanager, add remote printer,
choose bsd, printername= queue name on the Novell server. Print server name =
IP hostname of the novell server.

On the novell server, we had to add all SUNs as trusted hosts, create a common
account for all SUN users to print, all this from the plpdcfg program on the
novell server.

Thanks again.
Ramesh Radhakrishnan
UNIX Systems Administrator.
Netrix Corporation.
Herndon, VA-22071.

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