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From: Jeffrey Gordon (
Date: Wed Aug 10 1994 - 14:03:29 CDT

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>Does anybody know how to reset a "hung" console? Typing at the "login:" prompt
>is not echoed and seems to be completely ignored. I've tried killing "getty"
>but the problem persists.


1) Hit CTRL-Q
2) rlogin and execute "kbd_mode -a >/dev/console" as root
3) rlogin and execute "stty sane >/dev/console" as root
4) make sure nobody is running a "fake login" program
5) rlogin and execute "startx" or "openwin" as root and then exit cleanly
6) reboot
7) kill getty

As it turns out, the problem was a loose keyboard cable (sigh) so I don't
know which of the above might have worked...

Thanks to all who responded thus far: (Paul Bellan-Boyer)
        Dave Gunter <> (Edward F Killian) (Kevin W. Thomas)
        Hacker Esquire <> (Serkan Cil)
        Dave Mitchell <>

- jag -

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