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Date: Wed Aug 10 1994 - 12:46:10 CDT

Thanks all that responded:


We just got a Sun 4/330 out of the closet to boot as a client. It's
not possible to boot from boot.sun4c.sunos.4.1.3. What UNIX SunOS does
it like? Memory fails me, how can I boot from cdrom if it can boot from
SunOS 4.1.2?


Most of the answers told me that the machine was a sun4 and not a sun4c,
and to boot from boot.sun4.sunos.4.1.3 which I already knew. But what I
was looking for is how to boot strap this beast from a cdrom to just
get a handle of access to the machine. Most answers determined the
machine type as a sun4 but a few came through and gave me the answer I
was looking for: boot from cd with the command b sd(0,30,1) from Calum
D. Mackay, and Pat Cain. Thanks.


Calum D. Mackay
the 4/330 is a sun4 kernel arch so you need:


alternatively boot from the cdrom as:

b sd(0,30,1)

Tom Crummey
The 4/330 is a sun4 architecture.

Dan Stromberg
I do believe that's a sun4, not a sun4c.

Libby Thick
I think I'm right in saying you are using the wrong architecture.
The 4/330s will run 4.1.2 and hopefully after today mine will be running
4.1.3 What you need is not sun4c but just sun4. sun4c came in with the SPARC 1s.
Booting from a cdrom is in the manual and in the little book that comes in the
cd case. I haven't got mine with me at the moment but I this will help

Ruud van Poelgeest
A Sun 4/330 is a plain SPARC arch so he likes boot.sun4.sunos.4.1.3
sun4c is for the SPARCstation

Perry Hutchison
The 4/330 has been around long enough that, if it's not a sun4c, I
think it must be a straight sun4 (with no suffix letter). If that
guess is correct, boot.sun4.sunos.4.1.3 should work.

Eckhard R|ggeberg
If I remember well, a 4/330 is not Sun4c but Sun4, so it has to boot
from boot.sun4.sunos.4.1.3.

Markus Liechti
I run two of them with 4.1.3_U1B.

Pat Cain
It's a sun4 architecture, with a sun4 kernel arch. It won't load a sun4c.

To boot from a CDROM, run b sd(0,30,1) or try b sd(0,30,2).

Kevin W. Thomas
A Sun 4/330 uses a sun4 kernel. You tried to boot from a sun4c kernel and
that won't work.

henry mensch
a sun 4/330 is a sun4 architecture machine, not a sun4c ... you are trying to
boot it with a sun4c kernel/image.

Jun Wu
The arch for 4/330 is sun4, not sun4c, so something like boot.sun4.sunos.4.1.3
will do.

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