SUMMARY: SED with more Mem available??

From: Jochen Bern (bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE)
Date: Wed Aug 10 1994 - 11:02:23 CDT

I wrote:

> HELP! I should have this running TODAY ...

... but of course, if another Problem intervenes ... Saved by the Bell! :-)

> I'm writing Software for internal Use which has to perform certain
> Keyword Substitutions on Description Files at one Point. Along the Lines
> of "replace all Occurences of Keyword A with Keyword B, and for a given
> List of Parameters C, add Sequence D(C) just before the END Keyword".
> Since I don't like to reinvent the Wheel, I let the Software write a nice
> li'l SED Script (up to now, several Dozen Lines, now suddenly 1700+ :-S )
> and system() out the SED Command. However, suddenly I'm running into one
> of the "rare cases" (yeah great) where SED internal Mem overflows with
> "Too much command text". [...] Does anybody know a
> SED Source or any other Source I can use for this where I can easily
> recompile with larger Mem Sizes, or even better, where Mem gets allocated
> as needed?

There were four Responses to this:

Dan Stromberg <> recommended GNU sed. Having
the Sources, it should be possible to change the Limits. [Though not
necessarily *easy*, I imagine ...]

Steve_Kilbane <> pointed out that I could as
well use an ed Script instead of a sed Script. I looked up the Manpage,
and yes, while the Names and Lines are limited in Length, it states
that the Memory for many Lines will be allocated as needed. (Hey, that's
the first big Section 1 Manpage I see which hasn't got a BUGS Paragraph!)

However, I'll opt for the Suggestion of Gene Rackow <>
and Jim Anderson <> which pointed out that perl can do it
*and* comes with a Program called s2p which converts sed Scripts to perl
Scripts. I *got* to get into perl on Occasion anyway ...

Thanks a 0xf4240,
                                                                        J. Bern

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