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From: Robbie Honerkamp (
Date: Fri Aug 05 1994 - 00:45:55 CDT

Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this one, It seems
that the finger that came with Solaris is buggy, and doesn't
send out .plan files to remore machines by default like most
machines do. I haven't decided whether I'm going to try the
GNU version of fingerd or wait for SunOs 5.3 which supposedly
fixes it.

Here's my original post.....


Hi, managers..

I'm very new to Sun (Coming from a NeXT), and I'm trying to find a way to
get fingerd on a Sun running SunOS Release 5.3 to return .plan files
when a user is fingered by an external machine. Currently, it only
returns one line with basic user info.

Thanks for any help.. :)



And here are some (edited) replies:


From: John DiMarco <>

It's a bug in the SunOS 5.3 fingerd. It's fixed in SunOS 5.4, which is
due out in the fall. If you can't wait, report the bug to sun and ask
for a patch, or replace your fingerd with a freeware one.


From: Michael Myers <>

The remote machine will have to say "finger -l user@machine" The -l asks
for "long" format.


From: Richard Pieri <>

That's due to a bug in Sun's fingerd; I don't know if there's a patch for

I installed the ICSI implementation of GNU Finger, which doesn't have this
problem. In addition, it is easy to configure ICSI Finger to treat local
and remote finger requests differently, much easier than GNU's version. You
can get it from

(This is my favorite response.. :) <Robbie>

From: Phil Antoine <antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU>

Would you believe that they broke it!!!! Even if you don't, do. They
actually broke finger. It only displays the first line of a plan
file. It takes real talent to break something so simple. I guess
that explains why so much of the important stuff doesn't work either.

As of February when I reported it, it was a known bug with no plans
for a patch. They'll fix it in 2.4.

We use GNU fingerd. It works.


Thanks to all who resopnded!

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