SUMMARY: Unplug and plug a keyboard back in causes crash.

Date: Thu Aug 04 1994 - 17:34:42 CDT

My original question was:

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> Subject: Unplug and plug a keyboard back in causes crash.
> On a Sparc1+ (running SunOS 4.1.2 sun4c) a user unplugged his keyboard,
> then plugged it back in and the machine crashed.
> The machine failed to boot at "testing" (it just stopped) for a day then
> mysteriously was able to boot the next day (and has worked fine since).
> Our hardware support folks wanted to charge us for new CPU board and
> said whenever you plug a keyboard back in to a live system you blow a
> fuse and/or the CPU board.
> Does this sound familiar/right to anyone?
> Thanks in advance.
> --Karl

Thanks to all who replied.

Most have not had any problems doing this (some for many years, many times)
but a few have blown a $2.00 fuse. Some said blowing a CPU is possible
(but think the hardware support folks were jumping the gun) but no one has
actually blown a CPU doing this.
Thanks again to everyone around the world:

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