Summary: getwd: can't read ..

Date: Thu Aug 04 1994 - 11:47:57 CDT

Hi, sun managers:

  My original message is:
> Please help me in this error message: getwd: read error in ..
> This message occationally shows up whatever command runed, like which, ls, more.
> and runing process will be terminated.
> But after "cd" back to home or exit reopen a window, no more problem.
> Can you tell me what is the reason to cause this problem and how to solve it?

 I have received more than thirty repled mail, and more still come in.
 Sorry I don't include the lists here. I really appreciate their kindly response.

 Here is a one of messages which help me solved the problem:
> I have seen this symptom when I have started automount from a shell with a
> umask of 077. This causes automount to create mount points under /tmp_mnt
> with incorrect permissions.
> Try rebooting to single user and removing everything under /tmp_mnt, then
> boot to multi-user.
> If you ever have to start automount manually (as opposed to from rc.local)
> set umask to 022 or 000 in the shell before starting automount.

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