SUMMARY: Mirroring root and swap with Online Disksuite

From: Dan Lorenzini (
Date: Wed Aug 03 1994 - 22:45:17 CDT


The problem is solved. I recieved several replies and although they
did not contain a solution they did show that what I was doing should
have worked. Then I rmembered that, due to a conflict with the Sun
SBus expansion chassis (xbox), a while back I had reconfigured the
metadisk devices to use major number 14 instead of 4. Both xbox and
disksuite are configured to reuse the number that had been assigned to
cgone a long time ago. Apparently nobody at Sun thought that someone
would want to use both products on the same machine. :-(

The tipoff came when I realized that for root mirroring, you have to use
devide md0a. Thus it must be hardwired into the kernel to use major
device 4, minor 0. So I put the md drivers back at 4 and xbox at 14 and
both seem to be working now.

So in the end, it was my own damn fault (don't you just hate that?).
My thanks to the following people:

COURTIER Denis Athesa <> (Han Tunca)
Christian Lawrence <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Larry Ash 537 235-5450)
"Faisal Waheed" <waheed@symbol.COM>

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