SUMMARY: No-Scroll on Console

From: Christopher Buskirk (
Date: Wed Aug 03 1994 - 21:53:39 CDT

> At some point over the past year the console on our SPARCStation 1+ quit
> scrolling (SunOS 4.1.3b). After diplaying the last line, the next line is
> simply printed out at the top of the monitor. This machine was used as a
> personal workstation until recently, and, since it was then running OpenWin,
> I don't know when the problem began. It now will be used to log in and
> execute quick sysadmin commands such as ~lprm~. Not being able to display
> man pages correctly or use to vi is becoming frustrating. Any ideas why
> we're seeing this? By the way, I've tried setting $TERM to several of the
> available entries in termcap.

  As several of you correctly pointed out, the "SUNSCRL" register is
  properly documented in the man page for "console." The escape sequence
  which sets scrolling is:
  where the pound sign represents the number of lines that the screen
  should scroll upon reaching the bottom of the screen. For example, my
  console had apparently been set to "0" lines since it wrapped around.
  A setting of "1" provides normal scrolling. A setting of "34" clears
  the screen before printing the next line, and a setting of 1<#<34
  produces jump scrolling. The following command provided a nice
  looking scroll for me (Thanks to Rich Schultz for point out that ^V
  allows the ESC character, ^[, to be embedded into the command line).

  MyPrompt -> echo '^V^[[2r' <RETURN>

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