SUMMARY: booting or ypset over a router

From: Thomas Gusset (
Date: Wed Aug 03 1994 - 05:57:04 CDT

there was no request for this problem - but I didn't find some information
in the archives.

OS: SunOS 4.1.x

How can we boot a dataless client over a router from a server?
How can we run ypset (after starting ypbind -ypset) over a router to a NIS

If you try to set up this configuration, adding netmask for your network
in local /etc/netmasks and adding the router and the server to local
/etc/hosts, you get an error while rebooting the system like this:

RPC: portmapper failure: could not send

The problem is, that in /etc/rc.boot, at the time the system tries to nfs
mount the /usr partition, the default router isn't known.

There is a hint in /etc/rc.boot about this:

if /sbin/route and /etc/defaultrouter exist, there will be set the default
router in the routing table.


On the client do:

- create the file /etc/defaultrouter and put the name (or ip address if
no entry in /etc/hosts exist) of your router into the file

- add the netmask of your network to /etc/netmasks

- now we have to install route in /sbin on the clients root partition.
  There are to ways:
        1. get a static linked version of route (don't ask me where from)
        2. get the dynamic linked version and also copy the and the
           shared libraries to the root partition

        I did the second way:
        - boot from cdrom and install miniroot
        - if miniroot is booted, mount your root partition (may be /dev/sd0a)
          to /a
        - copy /usr/etc/route to /a/sbin
        - create /a/usr/lib (this is not possible if /usr is mounted from
        - copy and the libc files from /usr/lib to /a/usr/lib

- copy /bin/cat to /a/sbin (there is no cat on the root partition) or
  edit /etc/rc.boot to use shcat instead of cat

- reboot the system


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