SUMMARY: LM Licenses

From: Steve_Kilbane (
Date: Tue Aug 02 1994 - 11:01:28 CDT

I wrote:
> we've got two instances of Sun's SPARCworks, each with one license. I'm not
> convinced that the license manager is letting us get at both licenses, though,
> since we're only running one license manager for both.
> The license file contains three INCREMENT lines for each instance, with a
> line for sunpro.c, sunproc.sparcworks and sunpro.common for each. Whenever
> I do a cc -xlicinfo, I get a total license of 1. Any suggestions on how
> I can definitely have both licenses available to my users?

It seems this was just me being paranoid, and my users being wrong. Since
posting this, I've found out how to use lmstat a little better, and can
identify that at least when I've been tesing it, it's been giving out both
licenses as required. Naturally, since this discovery, none of my users have
complained about the lack of licenses either. Oh well.

We contacted Sun, and they informed us that there were no known bugs in this
area, and unless we could give them a definite, repeatable problem, they
couldn't help.

Anyway, thanks to the following for advice:

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