SUMMARY: unmounting idle CDROM

From: Friedel Loinger (
Date: Tue Aug 02 1994 - 07:17:17 CDT

Sorry for the late summary. The origional question was:

>We use in our workstation (running SunOS 4.1.3) the smount/unmount program,
>which allows normal users to mount/umount the CDROM-device.

>People often forget to unmount, therefore I am interested that the system
>will automatically unmount the device, if it has not been accessed within
>an appropriate time.

>I tried to check the last access time to the CDROM-device with:

>ls -ul

>But it returns me a time, which seems to be the creation date.

>Does anybody has a solution?

Most of the responses adviced to use /usr/etc/automount. But this
works only for NFS file systems, and not for devices, which are locally

Pete ( recommended to use the amd-software.
This is an automounter daemon, which mounts/unmounts also ufs and hsfs
I installed the software, and it is works well for the cdrom-device,
which is directly connected to our workstation.
I got also a reply, that there is a vold-command in solaris 2.x, x>=2.
We are running SunOS 4.1.3, so I could'nt try it.

Thanks to all who replied:

                                Friedel Loinger
                                Wise Observatory

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