SUMMARY: SIMMs interchangable?

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Date: Tue Aug 02 1994 - 11:33:33 CDT


My original post was asking if I can reuse SIMMs taken from 3/60 in

A general requirement of memnory of varies models:

3/60 100ns/120ns
SS1+/IPC 80ns or faster
SS2 80ns or faster, but picky on some aspects of the chips.

Memory of higher grade (e.g. of SS2) can be used in machines that
require lower grade (say SS1+). In our case, since we have 80ns SIMMs
in our 3/60s, they work fine in a SS1+.

Thanks to:
John Allen
Woobin Lee
Ned Danieley
John DiMarco
David DiGiacomo


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