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I asked:

>I'm going to setup a server for backups with Legato Networker.
>I need to choose between Solaris1 and Solaris 2 for the server.
>Legato says that they support both OS. I know that Legato works
>well on Solaris 1, on other hand Solaris 2 should be the future.

I got answers saying that Legato works well for them on SunOS 4.1.3.
I also got answers saying that Legato works on Solaris 2.
I got one reply saying that there was a problem with jukebox and Legato
on Solaris 2.

Peter Bestel sent me a very informative message:

Legato under both will work fine. With any type of device, you should
have no problems configuring and controlling with Legato. There is
one potential catch when running Solaris 2, which can be dealt with,
a problem with multi-homed hosts and some major advantages gained from
having MP support (if you've got an MP machine).

First catch when running Solaris 2, is when running running jukebox's.
There are currently some interactions between drvconfig creating device
entries and the Legato kernel drivers for jukeboxes. This problem comes
to the fore when you start to add more jukeboxes onto a machine which
already has some, and also has with multiple SCSI controllers. This can
lead to chaos if you haven't been forewarned - precise details are

If you have a multi-homed host running Legato, make sure that the version
is at least 4.0.2. With v4, there are all sorts of permission problems
with daemon startup/index access if the host has several names. Appeared
to be some sort of RPC problem, but the problems disappeared with 4.0.2.

The major advantage with Solaris 2 will be, when completed, the multi-threaded
control of multiple jukeboxes - I'm back onto jukeboxes again. Currently the
jukebox drivers are single-threaded, which means you can only control one
at a time (if you're trying to load many tapes across many jukeboxes, they
all happen in serial rather than parallel with the single-threaded driver).
Legato are currently working on this one and it will be a real bonus with
machines running 2.3.

Apart from that, nothing more to say. The product is very good accross
both major versions of the Sun OS - congrats to Sun for deciding to get
involved in a relationship with Legato. Legato support people are helpful
and the ones who've answered my queries have always been good with the
technical details. If you want to use jukebox's, choose Solaris 2 over
Solaris 1. If you're using databases on your machines, spend a little
time finding out what Legato can do and what you'll need, but they've
got lots of improvements coming over a currently functional solution to
this one.

I'd like to thank: (Gary Burton) (Jean Y. Edgar) (Mike Maciolek) (Peter Bestel) (Sean Boran) (Larry J. Miller) (Galen Krokum) (Douglas L. Acker) (Dave Skinner) (Reuben R. Cano)
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