Re: SUMMARY: another le1: SS10 and Sun etherne

From: Vidiot (
Date: Mon Aug 01 1994 - 21:17:07 CDT

<In article <> (Michael Joosten) writes:
< When booting, the kernel recognizes the card but mutters something about:
< le1: ... not supported
<Solved in so far that it really doesn't work. The cards X450A and X453A are
<not supported, as also the SS10's Product Notes indicate. One has to buy a
<newer Ethernet card, which are mostly combi cards, like with an additional
<SCSI bus. Thanks to all who responded.

Yep, the X1053A card is the SS10/SS20 replacement for the X453A. Unfortunately
there are a couple of things different about the X1053A card:

        1) Price: it lists for $1095
        2) Ethernet interface: Twisted pair only

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