SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 for Sparc Anyone?

From: Jim Roche (
Date: Mon Aug 01 1994 - 12:23:29 CDT

Thanks for taking the time to respond guys...

Solaris 2.4 will be released End of September so it should be in your mits in

I was told NOT to use the 2.3 Maintenance Suppliment 1 since it is grossly out
of date.

The following patches are the SUN Recommended patches required which only take
about 15 minutes to install. These patchs can be FTP'd from SUN at
for those with software maintenance.

Solaris 2.3 Recommended Patches:

101316-01 SunOS 5.3: Socket library is not signal safe
101317-09 SunOS 5.3: lp jumbo patch
101318-50 SunOS 5.3: Jumbo patch for kernel (includes libc, lockd)
101327-06 SunOS 5.3: security and misc. tar fixes
101331-03 SunOS 5.3: fixes for package utilities
101344-08 SunOS 5.3: Jumbo NFS patch
101347-01 SunOS 5.3: system hangs due to mblk memory leak
101739-01 SunOS 5.3: sendmail jumbo patch - security

You can get these patches in ONE easy tar file named 2.3_Recommended.tar.Z

Simply untar them on a central server and you can patch away from anywhere on the

-Jim Roche

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