SUMMARY: Seagate 11200N kluster error

From: Eric William Burger (
Date: Fri Jul 29 1994 - 23:08:52 CDT

The overwhelming response was to check the cables, which is step 1
of any SCSI problem! [Step 2 is termination.]

No one knows what a "kluster error" is.

Unfortunately, these problems are occuring on one of our production
systems, so I can't just go in and muck around. I'm going to cross
my fingers and hope we can last until our next scheduled maintenance
(yes, we're 7x24 here...).

> We're seeing "random" "kluster error"s on our Seagate ST11200N's.
> The disk is attached to a SPARCstation 2 (Opus SPARCcard 2X) with
> PowerUP CPU, running SunOS 4.1.3, no patches.
> There are a total of three ST11200N's on the SCSI chain. There are
> no other devices on the SCSI chain. Disk 0 (Target 3) is physically
> closest to the controller card, so I'm leaning against it being a
> cabling problem.
> What's a "kluster error"? Are these messages the warning that we're
> heading for a slow death? Or is it nothing to worry about?
> Here are the error messages from /var/adm/messages.
> [edited out for summary]

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