SUMMARY: DHCP daemon for Solaris 2.3

From: Jon Maiman (
Date: Fri Jul 29 1994 - 18:43:59 CDT

Hi All,

        About a month ago I posted a query for a PD DHCP daemon for Solaris
2.3. With one exception, all of the replies I got were "me-to" requests for
information. Some people asked what DHCP is and where can they get more info.
One person also asked about support for NFS in Microsoft's TCP/IP-32. Now
for some answers:

        1) DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is an
           extension of the Bootp Protocol. Unlike Bootp where the address
           assigned to the requesting node is statically defined in a table,
           the assigned address is dynamically allocated from a pool of

        2) Other then a very brief couple of sentence descirption of DHCP in
           "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1" by Stevens the only reference
           material I have been able to find on it is RFC's 1533 & 1541.
           I haven't read these RFC's yet.

        3) I don't know if NFS is supported Microsoft's TCP/IP-32.

We decided to use a PC TCP/IP stack which uses BOOTP. We plan on looking
at Microsoft's stack again when it is out of beta test and fully released
as a product. So, for the moment the DHCP question is on hold for us. The
text of my original message and the one non "me-to" reply are appended

Thanks To: (System Administrator - David Rossman) (Edward F Killian) (John Knutson)

                                Jon Maiman
                                Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

My Original Message:

 Hi All,
         Does anyone know of a Public Domain implementation of a DHCP daemon
 for Solaris 2.3. We are currently testing MicroSoft's TCP/IP-32 stack with
 windows for workgroups. It appears to only support DHCP and not BOOTP and

Reply From John Knutson:

> Date: Wed, 6 Jul 1994 16:46:33 +0600
> From: (David R. Linn)
>From: John Knutson <>
>bootp = dhcp.
>I think, anyway. There are no "dhcp" daemons, but bootp is readily
>available. DHCP is just an expansion on bootp. At least, from
>experiences with pcnfs 5.1, that seems to be the case.

        I believe you are roughly correct since Microsoft's stack did indeed
generate a packet that our bootp server responded to. However, the PC
didn't know what to do with the reply from the Bootp Server. So, I am
wondering if it is expecting some additional info. in the Bootp reply packet.


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