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Date: Thu Jul 28 1994 - 01:44:58 CDT

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> I've got about 115 workstation (mainly Suns running SunOS) and I'd
> like to keep track of usage so that big jobs can be off-loaded to the
> more idle machines.
> That is, I'd like to produce a sorted list of machines and their utilization
> for a particular time period. Any suggestions?

Lots of folks mentioned using rup or ruptime with sort; one included a shell
script. Others mentioned a few commercial products. Finally, one person
sent a summary to a similar question. All of this in included below.

----------------ruptime script-------------------------------------------------

From: garrett@athena.SDSU.Edu (Garrett D'Amore

Use ruptime. Here's a script I wrote for logging into the least loaded machine
at netcom. (My account is defunct, so it is a little out of date, there are
more machines there now.)
echo "Getting information for netcom hosts... standby..."
rm -f $HOME/bin/netcom.tmp
hosts=" \ \ \"
lowest=`rup -l $hosts | sort -n -t: +2 | head -1 | cut -f 1 -d .`
echo Lowest load found on $
rsh $ -l garrett

----------------commercial products--------------------------------------------

Try Load Balancer - it doesn't do what you ask, but what you want! It selects
a machine to run on depending upon the load on all in the defined list you
give it. Hope this helps.
contact is:
Dan Freedman
Freedman Sharp and Associates
403 264 4822
fax 264 0873


Sounds like you need some decent load-balancing software. Call Platform Computing at 416-978-0458 and ask them about LSF, or email to includes some very nifty load-tracking stuff.


Call MSI NetSys, Inc. at +1 810 333 8090 and ask for a demo of Control Tower. This sofware package will do all that you want, and more. Look in pages11,13,15 of SysAdmin magazine of July/August 1994 for our advertisement.

----------------Previous Summary-----------------------------------------------

Summary from (Donn MacCara)

Original Posting: Can anyone recommend a software package that submits jobs and maintains batch queues with priorities on a Sun system? (Either SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.3 ) . The name "Maestro" comes to mind though I can not remember where I saw it. I received several prompt replies which suggested/recommended: ========================= (From 1 reply) Take a look at the Distributed Queueing System (DQS), available at: It's very portable, offers many features, and has an X GUI (I'm a co-author of the GUI). Best of all, it's freely available and redistributable. Version 3.0.2 was made public today. You may wish to retrieve version 3.1, due out by the week's end =======================(From 4 replies) NQS is such a job queueing system. You have balancing between different hosts, priorities etc. And it runs on all supercomputers. Ask archie where to find it. "try to gopher/wais/http around a little bit" =========================(From 1 reply) You are right Maestro is one of the software for job scheduling. Maestro is from a company called Unison-Tymlabs (Telf in USA: 1-512-478-0611) Also you have from a company called Openvision, a software called OpenV*Scheduler (teleph: 1-51-426-6400). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Many thanks to ... (Garry Perratt) (Donn MacCara) garrett@athena.SDSU.Edu (Garrett D'Amore) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) "Patrick O'Callaghan" <> John DiMarco <> (Jeremie Kass) Mike Raffety <>

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