SUMMARY: Solaris2.3 + NIS

Date: Wed Jul 27 1994 - 19:32:43 CDT

Following my mailing (and mistaken remailing) of the request for help regarding the second user's failure to start the filemanager, I received many many many many replies and the resounding answer was that I was a Flaming Idiot for not having consulted the FAQ's thoroughly enough before posting my request.

The problem was caused by permissions on the /tmp/.removable directory.
The first user logging in was creating the dir with read and write permissions for himself only - Solaris Bug. The solution was to create the dir during the boot with read and write permissions for all.

I wish to thank EVERYONE that responded and those that are still responding.
I wish to apologise for the DOUBLE post.

To try and compensate for my stupidity I will leave my mailbox open for the next couple of days or so for anyone wishing to send me a FLAME or abuse of any sort........ :-)

Once again, many many thanks to those who responded, next time I will dutifully scrutinise the FAQ's.

Very best regards

All I wish is to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather,
unlike his terrified passengers........

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