SUMMARY: Shared Memory and Semaphore parameters

From: Joe Silva (
Date: Wed Jul 27 1994 - 17:56:31 CDT

Sun Managers have come through once again. The concensus was to go to
/usr/sys/sys/sem.h to look at the present configuration and to change it, go
into the kernel configuration file and add the option. I was cautioned however
to read about the size limits etc. first.

My original question was the following:
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Hello Managers,

I need to know how to find out what the shared memory and semaphore
parameters are set to and how to change them. I am particularly interested
in SEMMSL. I am running SunOS 4.1.2. I can't seem to find any documentation
on this anywhere. If I were running Solaris 2.x, I'd be all set. I'm sure
that some of you have done this before. I will summarize.

Thanks in advance,


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Many thanks to all of you who responded. You were a great help. Too many to
mention individually.

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