SUMMARY Dumb Terminal Email packages

From: Charles Mengel - LGI - Systems Eng Mgr (
Date: Wed Jul 27 1994 - 00:51:47 CDT

Folks ---

Earlier I wrote:

My latest quest is to find a mail package that will allow dumb terminal, telnet,
and dial-in PC users get mail off of a SS2 in a readable, user friendly form.
I know of Zmail Lite, but things seem to be confused there during the NCD
buyout (I can't get everything together to eval the package- wrong manual,
wrong version, etc). A friend said the there is a PD package called "pine"
that should work. My preference is the "for sale" product for the support.

ANy other suggestions you might have??

Many folks responded!!! Most said "pine" was very good, and others said "elm".
1 person said rmail with emacs , 1 said mush, and 1 said Mail.

I choose "pine" because it was a 3-1 choice. And "pine" is very good for vt100
style terminals. It offers the choice of function key or letter key commands,
optional mail folders, spell checker, and other stuff that makes it easy
to use and very intuative. It works well on out PC-NFS connected PCs, and I
on testing it on dialin Procomm people sometime early next month.

Version 3.89 is available.

Thanks to:

Phil Burg
Bruce R Baier
Kurt Radtke
Randy Banks
Brian Utterback
Gary Smith
Curt Larock
John Cieply
Jay Gallivan
Ric Anderson
Dotty Pon
Pat Myrto
Tom Conroy Jonathan Loh
Gautam Das
Peter Samuel
Joseph McPherson
Steve Lee

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