SUMMARY: Lines on SPARCprinter output

From: John W. Cieply (
Date: Tue Jul 26 1994 - 22:06:43 CDT

Hi Managers,

        I posted the following message about our SPARCprinter:

> We are have a problem with 2 SPARCprinters on our network. Both
>printers will print evenly spaced lines across the paper. It looks as if
>the printer is trying to create notebook paper to print on.
> One printer is using NeWSprint 2.2 via Solaris 1.1.1, while the
>other is using NeWSprint 2.5 via Solaris 2.3.
> We changed Sbus cards, reinstalled NeWSprint, but the problem persists.
>Has anyone seen this problem?

The responses have been great. Most of them point to a hardware error on the
SPARCprinter. Some people recommended buying new printers, others say I should
contact Sun Maintenance and pay about $500+ to repair them.

The best solution came from He mentioned
adjusting a frequency adjustment screw on the SPARCprinter. We followed the
procedure and the problem has been resolved.

Thanks to the following who responded:
        "Gregory A. Parmer" <>
        James Ashton <> (Colin Panisset)
        Charles Hawkins <> (Miguel A. Rozsas)
        Fintan Keeling <>
        Timothy Heberling <> (Michael D. Reynolds)
        Scott Wyckoff <> (Gary Yahr) (Steve Ramsey) (Michael Kline)
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