SUMMARY - Booting Dataless from server on different subnet !!!

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Date: Tue Jul 26 1994 - 20:06:46 CDT

Hi all,
        First of all, apologies for the long-delayed summary.
This is due to an enforced absence.

The original question was:

> I have encountered a problem recently whereby I have moved
> a dataless client to a new subnet. Both server and client are
> Solaris 2.3. The problem seems to lie with the /sbin/route
> program which does not exist in FCS.
> I can source a statically-linked route.c and probably cat.c to
> use but I suspect these may be BSD.

A few very useful suggestions were made of which I chose number 1
below. Unfortunately Sun did not make a statically-linked version
of (Solaris 2.x) route avaialble to me. Something about all the
libraries in dynamic format, rebuilding, etc. etc.

1. Yes, I've booted my dataless machine, now with two ether interfaces
(router for a mac network) from the CDROM, copied /usr/etc/route and a
few files from /usr/lib so that route could work, and put them in
their original files on the / partition, i.e. I now have the same
small root partition, but with a very small /usr directory containing
/usr/etc/route and a few files in /usr/lib. Which lib files? Just
"strings /usr/etc/route" to find out, I don't recall which ones now.

When the machine boots, a line I put in /etc/rc adds static routes to
both interfaces so they're properly configured, and the machine is
then able to find it's server and go ahead with the booting process
(just after adding the second interface, the machine wouldn't find the
server anymore). During the boot process, /usr from the server is
mounted on top of the existing /usr, making it unavailable, but who
cares... a complete one is now available anyway.
(Paulo Licio de Geus

N.B: I used ldd (list dynamic dependancies) on route to get library names.

2. As far as I know it's possible to get a staticaly linked route binary
 from SUN as replacement if you ask then nicely.
 At least this was so for 4.1.3.
(John Murray <>)

3. Well, have you ever heard of cnb? This is a software package provided by
Sun that allows you to boot across subnets.
("Richard C. Mills" <>)

4. Have you examined the subdir under the toolkit (in the install subdirs,
I forget which one, you have to browse)? There are about a dozen commands
in standalone form (not in a tar file) there, and they are all statically
linked, for use by the suninstall script before the /usr/lib subdirs
are made and shared libraries are unpacked. Included are cat, ls, mount,
and others. You need a fair amount of room on the / partition since
being statically linked, they are big and take up a lot of space (they
should be placed in /sbin (since they are for use in the case where a
useful /usr/lib is not available), as sbin stands for static-bin under
SunOS 4.1.x). At any rate, porting the BSD route sources to work under
SunOS should be no problem, then just link it statically.
(Pat Myrto <rwing!>)

5. You don't generally need a cat.c - check out shcat in the rc's

I believe the source to a route.c, compilable under SunOS 5.3, is
available. Check the WAIS database of old sun-managers articles
(Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>)

Thanks to others who replied:

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