SUMMARY: Autmounters - any recommendations on which to use?

From: Henrik Schmiediche (henrik@PICARD.TAMU.EDU)
Date: Mon Jul 25 1994 - 16:32:27 CDT

Thanks to eveyone who responded to my query concerning Automounters
for SunOS 4.1.3. In summary the responses said:

    1) Sun AMD is fine,
    2) An alternative is to use AMD 5.3 which you can get from There is a busy mailing list which you
       can subsribe to by sending a note to

I have not yet decided which route I will go. I am concerned over the
fact that the latest distribution of AMD is dated Aug 24, 1992 (no
updates in 2 years?).

Here are some miscellaneous comments that I received:

If you use Sun's version, stay away from direct maps. There are

Sun's automounter works just fine...We have mostly Solaris 2.3
machines, but one (annoying) program MUST run on 4.1.3...that machine
has automounter running via files that I dump from my NIS+
tables....really slick! Sun's automounter is not perfect, but close!

Suns's automounter is pretty much OK fine. Juxst pay attention to the
stale file handles that crop up from time to time (one system goes
down, etc.) and be sure not ti kill the automount process with
anything but the 15 signal.

I've seen only slight problems with the 4.1.2 automounter, and no
problems with the 5.3 automounter. I like it, that the 5.3
automounter has no /tmp_mnt/ nonsense.

amd can be rediculously flakey - at least if it's not set up right.
I'm phasing it out locally, but machines still using it will get a
skyrocketing load for no apparent reason, once in a while. But the
load problem stops for good if amd is removed. People used to
attribute it to DNS trouble, but I'm not sure that washes - "dig" can
get DNS info with no apparent difference during, and not during, the

... you can try the automounter from NetBSD. NetBSD is a Unix BSD
based system, Public Domain ! It's great ! The "amd" (automounter
daemon) is very fast and efficient than SUN's automounter, but don't
expect to have much techinal support...

   - henrik

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