SUMMARY: Screenshot shareware

From: Christopher Doane (
Date: Mon Jul 25 1994 - 21:13:24 CDT

Dear Managers -

Thank you all for the terrific response. There was
nearly a consensus of recommendations for the program
xv 3.0, which we happened to have on hand. It's
perfect, a great program for grabbing shots of windows
and saving them to a plethora of different file formats.

A few other responses referred to a program called
"ImageMagick" that seems to have the ability to
translate image files to other formats. I will check
this out when I have a chance.

Other translators would be ppm tools and imconv from
San Diego Supercomputer Centre. This simple solution
was also recommended, using openwindow filters:

Use /usr/bin/screendump to capture a Sun screen.

Use /usr/openwin/bin/ras2ps to convert to postscript.

# /usr/bin/screendump -e > filename.ras
# /usr/openwin/bin/ras2ps -l -X0.62 -Y 0.62 filename.ras >

Thanks again,

Chris Doane

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