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Date: Mon Jul 25 1994 - 09:06:23 CDT

Thanks for the help. I thought it might have been something like this...

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>I know I've seen this asked before, but I never saw a summary. I've just run into
>the problem, and I was hoping someone could help. I'll summarize if I get an
>I had created a large file in the root directory of a SS10 running 4.1.3_U1. This
>file brought the output of df to 87% full. I have since deleted the file, but
>df still reports at 87%.
>Any ideas???
>Jeff Kaiserman "I speak on my own behalf, so don't blame anyone but me."

Most everyone told me that the reason the space wasn't reclaimed was due a process which
still had hold of the file. The general opinion was to use "lsof" (I got my copy from an
internal source, but I'm sure you can get it from your favorite ftp site). Sure enough,
lsof pointed to a process which I wasn't even aware of. Interesting point was that I
couldn't kill the process (even with a -9) until I recreated the file. After recreating
it I was able to kill the process.

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