SUMMARY: JetDirect and SOLARIS 2.3

From: Guy NILLES 547611 (
Date: Mon Jul 25 1994 - 08:32:12 CDT

Hy Managers,

I was trying to use an LaserJet 4+ with the HP software
on Solaris 2.3.

Didn't I asked the help from the net and I receive
the following responses :

First, the WINNER is Mike Jones (, here's
what he wrote :

> Did you install from the cdrom? If so, there's a bug in the
>installation procedure. There's a sed problem that causes the model
>file to be zero length. Look in the installation log to see if there's
>a sed error reported and note the file name. Check the length of that
>file. If it's 0, that's your problem.

>To fix it: reinstall, but tell it you *do* have Motif installed. Copy
>the model file to /tmp, then reinstall *again* and tell it you *don't*
>have Motif. It only attempts the failing sed command if you don't have
>Motif. Copy the model file from /tmp to the appropriate place and go in
>with vi and change the line "jobm=yes" to "jobm=no", which is what the
>failing sed command is *supposed* to do.

> Mike Jones |

>There is a level of abstract thinking that comes only from writing
>code intended to be portable across architectures.
> - P. J. Plauger

I've tested it, and in fact it was the file
/usr/lib/hpnp/sh/hpnp.model.sol which was 0 byte long. I've followed
Mike's procedure, and now it has 22 Kbytes long...better !!!

Thanks again Mr Jones...

Here is some others interesting things :
>From Bob Haxo ( (2 responses, many thanks)

> Subject: Re: JetDirect Card & Solaris 2.3
> Hp support provided te following (correct) advice:

>ftp working software from :

>Directory was obvious (something like /pub/printers/laserjet/????)

>Files which I retreived included:

>README hpnpC02.readme
>README.1ST.SOL22_23 hpnpC02.sol.tar

>Installation worked. Solaris 2.3 spooling directories set up correctly
>and can now print.

>Please SUMMARY to sun-managers. Thanks.

>--bob (916.739.8688, FAX 916.227.2672) << SNEP in Sacramento


Another interesting possibility, whick works well :

>From Martin Hofbauer (

>I found out a second, complete differant way to use this printer:
>( And I think better way):

>This Version of SW from HP ( V B.00.00 ) includes also a daemon
> called "hpnptyd" which makes a virtual connection from a
> "pseudo device" e.g. /dev/ttyp0 directly to the printers
> TCP/IP port. ( see man-pages, which are included )

>If your run this daemon during startup or by hand, it is then
> possible to add a printer with the "printer manager" from
> "admintool" to this device as it is a local serial printer.
> It worked without any problmes on my site

>Thanks to (Nicholas J Brealey)
>and to all others , who helped me

>From :

>Subject: Re: JetDirect Card & Solaris 2.3
>I had this same problem and I am trying to remember the solution.
>I think I had to:
>1) chmod 666 /dev/null
>2) give "other" rx permissions on /usr/lib/lp/model and the scripts in
> directory.
>Let me know if this is it and I will try to remember anything else.

Thanks to the others too :

raoul@MIT.EDU (who change the JetDirect card
                and now has got a Netjet from Emulex) (but why a blank message ?)

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