SUMMARY - inetd services not starting on reboot

From: Jeffrey Gordon (
Date: Sat Jul 23 1994 - 00:23:07 CDT

The original post:

>Howdy managers:
>Frequently when we reboot our Sun servers and workstations, some
>services from inetd.conf do not get started. Instead, error messages
>such as "in.rlogind: service not available" are displayed. However, if
>I kill -HUP inetd after rebooting (thereby forcing it to rescan
>inetd.conf) the services that fell through the cracks when booting will
>start (sometimes I have to kill -HUP a number of times to get a "clean"
>rescan without error messages).
>Unforunately, the services that don't start are not consistently
>reproducible. The problem occurs with different services seemingly at
>random and sometimes the problem doesn't occur at all.
>Is there some sort of limit on the size of inetd.conf? The problem
>seems to get better (but not disappear) when some unused services are
>removed from inetd.conf.
>Any suggestions, common experiences, etc. would be greatly
>Oh yeah. SPARC 10/51 SunOS 4.1.3 plenty of RAM etc.
>- jeff -
>Jeff Gordon

The overwhelming response was to check for and remove any blank lines that
might be in inetd.conf and services (/etc and NIS) - sure enough we had
a blank line in services.

Thanks to all who responded:

        Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>
        Brett M Hogden <>
        Dave Mitchell <>
        Mike Raffety <>
        Scott McWilliams <> (Tim Griffin - Systems Consultant) (Timothy Tokarsky)
        brett@bsysparc.Bentley.COM (Brett S. Yeagley) (Linda Cygan) (Danny Johnson) (David H. Brierley) (Donald McLachlan) (Fredrik Nyman) (Tim Evans)

- jeff -

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