SUMMARY: NIS and netcom, am I the only one?

From: mueller_scott (
Date: Sat Jul 23 1994 - 00:06:14 CDT

I ( wrote:

>Is anyone else seeing this?

>work% ping
>Segmentation fault


>It only seems to happen against I first saw it occurring in my
>mail system, under some rather unusual circumstances, but it's now been
>reported almost everywhere.

>I believe it's related to the 14 DNS 'A' records published for

>Our environment is SunOS 4.1.1 through 4.1.3, NIS and the DNS tunnel. The
>same programs using a pure-DNS resolver library work just fine, so it's some
>sort of NIS interaction.

Nutshell summary:

It's a bug in the SunOS shared C library (libc.s*). The libc jumbo patches
fix it, the relevant patch numbers are:

100266 (4.1.1, 4.1.2)
100890 (4.1.3, 4.1.3C)
101759 (4.1.3_U1)

Sun's description of the bug is: "ftp, ping dump core when connecting to a
host with multiple DNS A records".

Many people reported that they were not seeing the problem. I had sent an
internal mail message out before I sent my message to sun-managers, and
someone here at Tandem knew someone at netcom, and got them to change their
DNS configuration so that they only advertise one A record for
Anyone who tested against after that change would not have seen
the problem. If you want to test it on your system, find a nearby host with
a large number of DNS A records and ping it. You can use 'nslookup' or 'dig'
to assist in your search.

Thanks to many people for testing this for me.

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