SUMMARY: Celeste's Guide (formerly: PPP under Solaris 2.x)

From: Santo Nucifora (
Date: Fri Jul 22 1994 - 23:28:28 CDT

Hello all,

In response to:

> Does anybody know where I can get:
> "The Celeste's Guide to Terminals & Modems Under Solaris 2.x" ?
> Is it a book, an on-line document, a lengthy mail message?
> Any reference would be much appreciated.

I wish to thank the many that replied to my question. Most had sent
me the complete document. Please note (as was pointed out to me):

There is no "The" in front, it is just "Celeste's Guide to Terminals &
Modems under Solaris 2.x". It was written by Celeste Stokely, Unix
System Administration Consultant, Stokely Consulting and is available
at the following locations:


Thanks again.

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