From: Roger Krinock (
Date: Fri Jul 22 1994 - 21:35:32 CDT

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for everyone that replied. I forgot to mention in my original posting
that I am using Solaris 2.3 as an operating system and NeWSprint 2.5 Rev. B
as the printer software. The printer is connected to the lpvi port of the
SBus card. There is a QMS 810 printer connected to the bpp port of the SBus
card and that seems to be unaffected. Most of the solutions that I received
were for SunOS 4.1.x, but a few were for Solaris. I even got an answer from who asked Sun the same question I did and got the same
answer "you have to re-boot."

I have tried all the suggestions that I was given, but as of now, I still have
to reboot the workstation for the printer to work. Since I gave more
information if anyone else has some suggestions, I'll be glad to give them a
try and summarize what I get.

Thanks again.


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Nova Southeastern University Academic Computing And Strategic Technologies
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