SUMMARY: removable media options

From: Mike (
Date: Wed Jul 20 1994 - 08:35:49 CDT

Well, thanks to all that responded. I have saved the detailed messages,
and provide one liners here. Interested parties can email and I will
gladly send all 400 lines :-)

Thanks to:

craigw <Craig.Warner@Ceram.COM>
"Ian C. Johnston" <>
"Brian S. Boone" <>
David Burwell <>
Jochen Bern <bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE>
Curt Larock <larock@Software.ORG>!
Ross Bennett <>

In no order and without credit:

First & cheapest: Floppies
The Iomega company Bernoulli drives
Maxoptics 1GB optical drive with a SCSI interface
SyQuest drives
MO technology: MO drives, MO Drivers for SUN-OS etc

[this one was a product offering..]

We have a new product which is going to be released later this
month. It allows you to use PCMCIA format removable disk drives on your Sun,
as well as interchange with laptop PC's.

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