SUMMARY: Printing Landscape mode on SparcPrinter

From: 1236 Joseph A. Mervini (
Date: Mon Jul 18 1994 - 22:01:35 CDT

Thanks to all for the responses.

The general consensus was to use the newsprint 'pl :postprint -pl' command (the 'l' in the -pl specifies landscape. There are other options that can be used with the pl command but I haven't had time to check them out.)

Another method which seemed to be easier for my users to swallow is to use the enscript program (also in newsprint). Using enscript -r (-r rotates the text on the page) we got the desired results.

There was also the suggestion to use the Openwindows command mp -l and piping it to lp. I had tried this before, and while it works great for graphics, for text it always prints 2 pages per sheet.

I also received scripts from Tom Tiggelman that do alot of the filtering for you (Thanks Tom) and a script from Leonardo Perfetti that looks very interesting (although my Spanish is pretty rusty!). If anyone would like these scripts let me know.

Fortunately for my network there are lots of SparcPrinters and Newsprint around so using either the pl or enscript commands fills the bill.

Thanks again to the following people for their replies: all the responses.

scowles@scheffer.Stanford.EDU (S. Cowles) (Miguel A. Rozsas) (Michael D. Reynolds) (Tim Evans)
emsca!soporte!lsp@Venezuela.Sun.COM (Leonardo Serres Perfetti (Customer Services-EMSCA))
sharonp@sd.AirTouch.COM (Sharon Pentaleri) (Friedel Loinger) (Duncan Laidlaw (Vcr Computers)) (Tom Tiggelman) (Jeff Cummings)
norvax!norvax! (Todd LeRoy) (Todd Glassey - Lan Systems Administrator ) (Jairo A. Medina) (Garry Perratt)

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