SUMMARY: remote mounting /usr/openwin

From: David Lim (
Date: Wed Jul 13 1994 - 20:29:15 CDT

It is possible to cross-mount /usr/openwin. If you wish to remove the stuff in
/usr/openwin, use pkgrm. Do NOT use "rm -f /usr/openwin", otherwise
installpatch may get confused.

These are the packages that I removed (assuming you
started with the End User configuration cluster):

There are may be more packages if you installed more than the End User
configuration cluster. E.g. tooltalk runtimes and man pages. I used swmtool to
find out whether a package installed stuff into /usr/openwin and only
/usr/openwin. You can do this by clicking the right mouse button over the
package in swmtool. E.g. do NOT remove the following Openwin related packages
SUNWowdv and SUNWowmod

In general you can NOT use swmtool to remove the packages (even though it is
in /usr/sbin) because it uses /usr/openwin/lib/libxview. I.e. it is not
statically linked.

I am worried about removing /usr/openwin from the local disk, fearing that
openwin might be needed used during install, or during single-user mode. But
perhaps it can be mounted in those cases. One advantage to mounting
/usr/openwin is that you have to apply the patches on the server only.

To speed up access to the /usr/openwin partitions, you might want to create a
cachefs for it. I did this by creating a cachefs using the cfsadmin command,
and then adding the following line to /etc/vfstab: (in this case my cache
directory is /export/home/cache/openwin).

heidi:/usr/openwin /export/home/cache/openwin /usr/openwin cachefs 2 \
yes backfstype=nfs,ro,cachedir=/export/home/cache/openwin,noquota,intr

You may also want to limit the size of the cachefs to about 20-30 Mbytes.

Thanks to: (Casper H.S. Dik) (Matt Wette) (Robert L. Brown Jr.)
David.Katleman@Eng.Sun.COM (David Katleman)

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