SUMMARY: Telnet problem

From: Operator (
Date: Mon Jul 18 1994 - 04:42:06 CDT

Recently i asked about the meaning of the message which from time to
time appears at remote terminals when users try to telnet one unix
machine and the message disturbs normal login process.

  The message was the foolowing:
      log: DOMAIN error

The respondens pointed out that the messages themseves are issued by log
function and the relation with telnet process is rather loose. They
appear at the teminals when one process was computed in the background
and remained after logout and its pty was reused by the login process and
that process is responsible for the messages.

Thanks to all who responded.

Ray Brownrigg
Andy Feldt
Gregory Bond
James Ashton
Perry Hutchison

                        Peter F. Bialokoziewicz - system administrator

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