SUMMARY: Sun 10/51 and 10/30 fall off net.

From: Frank 'Scruffy' Miller (
Date: Fri Jul 15 1994 - 09:35:39 CDT

Thanks a zillion to Derek Fraser ( and Simon Shickman
( for their help on the problem.

>From Derek:

   Three of our SS10 51's have been crashing when they have been incremental
   backed up. I sent of the savecore dump for these crashes and the problem has been
   traced to the ethernet card "le0". When 4.1.3_U1 was installed the patch
   100768 is installed. Below is a description of patch 100768 taken from the README

   Patch 100768 for the "le" driver is designed such that "le" interface switches
   from "back-to-back packet" mode to "packet-at-a-time" mode at a collision rate
   of 10 % by default (lecollhi = 100 Decimal). When the collision rate drops
   below 5% by default (lecolllo = 50 Decimal), the "le" interface switches
   back to "back-to-back packet" mode.

   Network traffic is very high and when the backup is run its even higher.
   This causes the le0 driver to change to "packet-at-a-time" mode.
   The le0 buffer then gets overrun and freezes causing
   the machine to hangup. The workround that I have been given
   is a "backout" of the patch 100768 for 4.1.3_U1.

   The backout patch is as follows

   login to the SS10 51 as root and make a copy of the orginal vmunix then type :-

   adb -w /vmunix
   lecollenable?W 0

   I have also been given a patch(README below). Both of these solutions work.
   I hope this helps.

Simon also stated that Sun suggested upgrading to 4.1.3_U1/B. I had
done this, but updated to 101508-06 (most current). I also had an
4.1.3 box hang, but it had patch 100768.

So ... I am no utilziing 4.1.3_U1/B wiht patch 101757 that backs out


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