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Date: Fri Jul 15 1994 - 05:03:05 CDT

The original question is:
>I have Solaris2.3 on both SS10 & LX. Everything works fine in SS10, but in LX,
>once a new user is added, he is frenquently unable to run filemgr. The error
>displayed on command console window is: "mknod: Permission denied". Of course,
>this error would not happen for root user. Any ideas?
The cause of this problem has been described by
(Mike Freeman)'s SUMMARY: filemgr mknod problem (January) and Solaris2-faq.
The filemgr creats a directory /tmp/.removable with permissions 700 and not
subsequently removes it. Therefore, only the first user running filemgr &
root have access to it, and the rest will be rejected with the error above.

Solution is quote from solaris2-faq:
+5.2) Why can't I run filemgr, I get ``mknod: permission denied''?
+ This is a symptom of a bug in filemgr.
+ Either apply patch #101514 or run the following commands
+ at system start-up:
+ mkdir /tmp/.removable
+ chmod a+rwxt /tmp/.removable

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