SUMMARY: CD-ROM Recording on unix, addendum.

From: Morten Krabbe Barfoed (
Date: Thu Jul 14 1994 - 06:19:52 CDT

Dear sunsummary-readers.

This is an addendum to a summary posted wednesday, july 13th.

In that summary I wrote:

"One has experienced some problems with the GEAR-software: He has a Kodak
 recorder, and GEAR-software on a SPARC10. One problem is an incompatibi-
 lity between a GEAR-driver (gear-sn-driver) and the ethernet-driver (ledma).
 Another is performance. Even in single-usermode, the performance of the
 SPARC10 is reported to be insufficient. I didn't know how to advise
 him, but if you have some advises, mail them to me, I'll forward them."

I got a mail from "him" (it's a woman) this morning, saying that some of
the problems have disappeared. Their recorder has been changed with one
that can handle single-speed writing, (an upgraded CCD521 Disc Recorder
from Phillips), and in that case, running GEAR on a Sparc 2 or Sparc IPC
will make writing possible, even if it is preferable to run in single user

Some problems persist with the GEAR-software, but I do not wish to give
unjust bad PR to the product, therefore this posting.

Best regards:

Morten Krabbe Barfoed

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