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I asked:
the meaning of the $k macro in

The answer:

In the book "Sendmail" by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. on page 433
you will find:

Our UUCP node name (IDA and V8 only)

The UUCP suite of software gets the name of the local host from the uname(2)
system call, whereas sendmail gets the name of the local host from the
gethostbyname(3) system call. In order for sendmail to easily handle UUCP
addresses, the IDA and V8 versions also make use of the uname(2) function.

For IDA, first gethostbyname(3) is called and the result saved into $w. Then
uname(2) is called, and the nodename returned is compared to $w. If they are
the same, $k is given the same value as $w. If they differ, $k is given the
value of the returned nodename.

For V8, the host part of the fully-qualified name returned by gethostbyname(3)
is saved as the first string in the class $=w. Then uname(2) is called. If
the call succeeds, the macro k and the class k are both given the nodename
value returned. If the call fails, both are given the same hostname value that
was given to the class w.

For both versions of sendmail, $k is assigned its value when sendmail first
begins to run. It can be given a new value in either the configuration file or
from the command line.

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