SUMMARY: Audio device on SS5

From: Mike Rembis 66520 (
Date: Mon Jul 11 1994 - 20:49:15 CDT

OK, OK, OK ....

Somehow I missed one of the last minute leaflets with 1.1.1_U1... (but we
never saw anything with Solaris 2.3 ....)

There are two patches, one for Solaris 1 and one for Solaris 2.

Solaris 1.1.1_U1

        for SS5 audio, install patch ms2 from the Solaris 1.1.1_U1 CD.

Solaris 2.3

        for SS5, you need Solaris 2.3 Edition II Rev. B release CD.

Some people also hinted at a couple of patches ...


Thanks to all who responded!


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